Gemsy RXM-100 electric fabric cutter will return at the end of June 2013

Electric Fabric Cutter Gemsy RXM100

The Gemsy RXM100 electric fabric cutter has proved to be extremely popular. We will, however, be getting in a new shipment in towards the end of June 2013.

So, order now if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this excellent standing electric fabric cutter that can cut up through material that’s up to 2.5cm thick, regardless of whether it’s something wearable, like cloth or leather, or something a little tougher, like plastic or film.

The Gemsy RXM100 weighs about 3kg, and comes with 10cm (that’s roughly 4 inches) round and hexagonal blades, has its own built-in sharpener.