RSD handheld eletric cutters slice up to 26mm of material comfortably

JK Trading is proud to sell the RSD range of high quality handheld electric cutting machines. The five cutters in the RSD line-up fall into two categories: lightweight general purpose cutters, and heavy duty pistol grip machines. All the RSD cutters can slice through cloth, leather, plastic and film with ease.

Lightweight general purpose cutters

The RSD-50 kicks off the range, melding compact dimensions, light weight, a comfortable handheld design, value for money and the ability to cut through material 10mm thick.

Step up to the RSD-70 and you’ll be able to cut through up to 23mm worth of stuff thanks to its larger cutting blade and more powerful motor.

Heavy duty pistol grip cutters

Our first pistol grip cutter is the RSD-90 packs quite a punch, but even when it’s cutting through up to 26mm of material it won’t be tiring in your hand.

The RSD-100 and RSD-100A round out the lineup. Although they share many features and specs, the RSD-100A is distinguished by the fact that it’s able to cut through carpet.

Comparison chart

  RSD-50 RSD-70 RSD-90 RSD-100 RSD-100A
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 60W 170W 200W 300W 300W
Blade diameter 50mm 70mm 90mm 100mm 100mm
(imperial) (2-inch) (2.8-inch) (3.5-inch) (3.9-inch) (3.9-inch)
Cutting depth 10mm 23mm 26mm 25mm 25mm
(imperial) (0.4-inch) (0.9-inch) (1-inch) (1-inch) (1-inch)
Blade speed 2400rpm 2400rpm 800rpm 660rpm 1200rpm
Cuts carpet? No No No No Yes
Plug type Australian Australian Euro† Euro† Euro†

† Requires a plug converter.

As with all the products in the JK Trading catalogue, we ship the RSD line of electric cutters to anywhere in Australia, from Perth to Sydney and everywhere in between. So, even if you live in Alice Springs or Zumsteins we’ll get these wonderful products to you.