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Quickly and easily trim paper, photos, card stock and E.V.A foam with this trimmer. There are three sets of different sizes: 35cm/A3, 55cm/B3 and 115cm/B1.

The A3 set comes with a ruler, 1 piece of cutter and a cutting mat. The B3 and B1 sets each comes with a ruler, 5 pieces of cutters of varying cut patterns and a cutting mat.

Additional cutters are available for sale separately.

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Feature Summary

  • Hidden blade in the cutter for safe use.
  • Durable and sharp rotary blade for a beautiful cut without frayed edges.
  • Use on different materials including paper, photo, EVA foam, card stock.
  • Create 11 different cut patterns by replacing with blades of various styles, available for sale separately.
  • Includes a self healing cutting mat with metric grids for precise measurements, which can be used for your other craft projects.

      A3 Set B3 Set B1 Set
    Ruler 35 cm 55 cm aluminium 115 cm aluminium
    Cutting Mat 38 x 10 cm 57.5 x 10.5 cm 117 x 20 cm
    Cutters 1 piece: straight 5 pieces: straight, skip, fold, zigzag, wave 5 pieces: straight, skip, fold, zigzag, wave
    Available Cutters (sold separately) 11 styles: straight, skip, fold, zigzag, wave, waltz, jigsaw, irregular, large pinking, ripple, mountain, lace.
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